Daikin Technology

40 years of Innovation

Ducted Heat Pump Technology

Daikin Ducted heat pump systems provide comfort throughout your entire home. And with the use of Daikin’s advanced technologies, you can be sure that not only will your ducted heat pump keep your home at the perfect temperature year round, but it will also...

Split Heat Pump Technology

Daikin’s new R32 split systems include advanced technology and a range of features such as Quiet Unit Operations, 2-Area Intelligent Eye for energy efficient operations, Wireless LAN Connection for convenient remote operations and much more...

Under Floor Heating Technology

Altherma is Daikin’s air to water heat pump system that evenly heats and cools your home and provides you with maximum comfort throughout the year. Heat pump technology provides an alternative to conventional gas or oil based heating systems and offers clear benefits to you and
Daikin have invested over 40 years in developing technologies to make heating and cooling your home easy and efficient..
Clever design and smart technology means your Daikin is not only quiet and efficient, but also durable and easy to install.
With innovations like Intelligent Eye and Night Quiet Mode, Daikin can help you maintain superior comfort for your family.
With family-friendly features, intuitive controls and set-and-forget technologies, Daikin heat pumps are exceptionally easy to use.