Underfloor Heating (Altherma) Technology

Altherma is Daikin’s air to water heat pump system that evenly heats and cools your home and provides you with maximum comfort throughout the year.  Heat pump technology provides an alternative to conventional gas or oil based heating systems and offers clear benefits to you and the environment.


Heat Pump Technology

A Heat pump “pumps” heat from a low to a high temperature.  The heat raised is transferred to the water distribution system in the home via a heat exchanger.  A Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump delivers between 3 and 5 KWh of usable heat for every 1 KWh of electricity is used. The Heat pump is currently the most efficient indoor comfort system. The cutting edge technology it uses has clear benefits for you and the environment.

Inverter Technology

A Daikin inverter uses advanced technology to operate more intelligently. Unlike conventional heat pumps which operate at a fixed speed, constantly starting and stopping to control room temperature, a Daikin inverter continuously adjusts the power to suit the temperature in the room for a more comfortable, energy efficient home.

Reluctance DC Motor

Daikin’s Reluctance DC motor uses powerful neodymium magnets that are 10 times stronger than conventional ferrite magnets, delivering more torque from a compact design.

Scroll Compressor

Daikin’s unique scroll compressor is designed to operate at a faster rate while maintaining low noise levels. Through the introduction of high pressure oil, thrust and heat losses have been minimised resulting in improved efficiency and reduced operating sound volume.


Utilising Renewable Energy Source

Unlike conventional heating systems, Daikin Altherma uses the energy from the outside air as its primary heat source. It’s a great alternative for heating your home without using fossil fuels such as gas or fuel oil.

Altherma Under Floor Heating

Outdoor Unit (Monobloc)

The Daikin Altherma Monobloc option incorporates all the hydronic parts (compressor, expansion tank, refrigerant connections etc.) within the outdoor unit.  So, rather than running refrigerant lines from the outdoor to indoor unit, you’re only running a set of water pipes.  With a built-in 6Kw back-up heater, your home will be kept warm and comfortable even on extremely cold days.

Domestic Hot Water Option

When it comes to domestic hot water, Daikin Altherma is just as clever.  Water inside an insulated tank is heated using thermal energy from the outside air by a heat exchanger connected to the heat pump.  An additional electric heating element in the hot water tank means your hot water is always piping hot, no matter what the ambient temperature.


Low Noise Indoor Units

Altherma's hydronic system circulates heat energy throughout your home using hot water, rather than air.  Water's high heat transfer coefficient means Altherma uses smaller diameter piping and lower convector / radiator fan speeds than conventional heat pump systems, resulting in lower operating noise levels in your home.

Night Silent Mode

To ensure quiet operations during the night, Night Silent Mode reduces operating sound level of the outdoor unit by a further 3 dBA.


Note: Not all features apply to all products. Please check individual range for features available.