Floor Standing Unit

Reverse Cycle (heating & cooling)





Standby Power Function InfoStandby Power Function. When the heat pump is not in use, the standby power function turns off power supply to the outdoor unit and sets the indoor unit into standby electricity saving mode, reducing energy consumption.


Wide-Angle LouvresInfoWide-Angle Louvres. Smoothly curved wide angle louvres provide wide airflow coverage for effective cooling/heating operation.


Vertical Auto-Swing
(up and down)InfoVertical Auto-Swing. This function automatically moves the flaps up and down to distribute air across the room.


Indoor Unit Quiet Operation InfoIndoor Unit Quiet Operation Function. Sound levels are reduced by 2-3 decibels (dB) from the low fan speed for quieter heating and cooling.**


Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation InfoOutdoor Unit Quiet Operation Function. Outdoor unit sound levels can be reduced by 3dB for times when quieter operation is needed.**


Automatic Operation InfoAutomatic Operation (reverse cycle only). For year-round comfort, this function allows the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling modes as required.


Program Dry FunctionInfoProgram Dry Function. The system reduces humidity in the room while maintaining the temperature as much as possible.  It automatically controls temperature and airflow rate and will switch into cooling mode if the room temperature increases too much.


Auto Fan Speed InfoAuto Fan Speed. To reduce operating noise, the fan speed is automatically controlled by the micro-processor to suit the thermostat setting and prevailing room temperature.


Hot StartInfoHot Start. When heating commences, or when changing from cooling to heating, airflow doesn't start until the air is warm, preventing cold draughts.


Titanium Apatite Deodorising Air Purification Filter InfoTitanium Apatite Deodorising Air Purification Filter Traps microscopic particles, decomposes odours and helps absorb and deactivates bacteria to purify the air in your room.


Air-Purifying Filter InfoAir-Purifying Filter. Traps microscopic particles.


Wipe CleanInfoWipe Clean. The flat panel can be cleaned with a single cloth across the smooth surface.


Econo Mode InfoEcono Mode. Controls the upper limit of frequency, reducing power consumption.  This reduces the load on the electrical circuit when multiple electrical devices are used simultaneously.**


Powerful Operation
(Inverter) InfoPowerful Operation. Pushing the POWERFUL button on the remote control gives you a boost in cooling and heating power for a 20-minute period, even if the unit is already operating at high capacity.


LCD Wireless Remote Control


Indoor Unit On/Off Switch


24-Hour On/Off Timer Info24-Hour On/Off Timer. The timer can be preset to start and stop the heat pump at any time within a 24‑hour period.  Once the times are set, the heat pump can be operated for a period by simply pressing the ON or OFF timer buttons.


Weekly Timer InfoWeekly Timer. This function makes it easy to enter up to four settings per day for each day of the week.  It not only allows you to program on and off time, but also the desired temperature.


Night Set Mode InfoNight Set Mode. Through the use of the ‘Timer-OFF Circuit’, the preset room temperature gently rises in cooling or falls in heating before the unit stops.  This energy efficient feature allows you to sleep comfortably without feeling a sudden change in the room temperature.


Auto-Restart after Power Failure InfoAuto-Restart. The unit memorises the operation mode, airflow and temperature settings.  Should there be a power failure when the unit is in operation, it will automatically return to the same operating conditions when the power is restored.


Self-Diagnosis with Digital Display InfoSelf-Diagnosis with Digital Display. In the unlikely event that a problem develops with the unit, malfunction codes can be displayed on the liquid crystal panel of the remote control for fast and easy fault diagnosis.unlikely event that a problem develops with the unit, malfunction codes can be displayed on the liquid crystal panel of the remote control for fast and easy fault diagnosis.


Anti-Corrosion Treatment of
Outdoor Heat Exchanger FinInfoAnti-Corrosion Treatment. The special anti-corrosion coating on the outdoor heat exchanger ensures greater resistance to salt damage and atmospheric corrosion.

** Capacity may decrease when selected


Backlit Wireless Remote Controller

This remote controller with a backlit liquid crystal display and four luminescent control buttons for major features, also features a built-in weekly time clock that can be programmed to suit your personal lifestyle with up to four actions per day of the week.

This advanced controller not only allows you to program on/off time, but also the desired temperature.  Futhermore, the copy function enables any daily program to be replicated on any other day or days as required.

Other functions include:

  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Night set mode
  • Self diagnosis with digital display
  • Econo mode
  • Comfortable mode


Tech Specs: 

Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 2.4 3.5 4.9 5 6 7.1
Heat (kW) 3.3 4.4 5.6 5.8 7 7.6
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 1.3-3.0 1.7-3.8 1.4-5.6 1.7-5.6 2.3-6.7 3.0-8.5
Heat (kW) 1.3-4.5 1.7-5.0 1.4-8.1 1.7-8.1 2.3-9.0 3.0-10.0
Indoor Airflow Rate (Hi) Cool (I/s) 137 147 178 260 292 273
Heat (I/s) 147 157 197 285 285 317
Indoor Fan Speeds   5 steps, quiet and automatic
Energy Label/ Star Ratings Cool 3.5 3 1.5 3 2.5 2
Heat 3.5 3 2.5 2
Front Panel Colour   White
Power Supply   1 phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 0.59 0.92 1.57 1.30 1.70 2.13
Heat (kW) 0.79 1.17 1.61 1.59 2.03 2.21
E.E.R./C.O.P. Cool/Heat 4.17/4.22 3.80/3.78 3.13/3.53 3.85/3.65 3.53/3.45 3.33/3.46
A.E.E.R./A.C.O.P. cool/Heat 4.12/4.18 3.77/3.75 3.12/3.51 3.82/3.63 3.51/3.44 3.32/3.45
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 600x700x210 770x850x290
Outdoor (mm) 550x765x285 735x825x300 770x900x320 990x940x320
Weight Indoor (kg) 14 25
Outdoor (kg) 34 46 48 46 71 80
Compressor Type   Hermetically sealed swing type
Refrigerant Type   R410A
Max Pipe Length (m) 20 30
Max Level Difference (m) 15 20
Pipe Sizes Liquid (mm) 6.4 9.5
Gas (mm) 9.5 12.7 15.9
Outdoor Operating Range (outdoor temp) Cool (CDB) 10 to 46
Heat (CWB) -15 to 18
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 38/23 39/24 44/32 45/32 47/33 46/33
Heat (dBA) 38/23 39/24 45/32 45/32 45/33 47/34
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 46/43 47/44 49/46 52/49
Heat (dBA) 47/44 48/45 49/46 54/50
Outdoor EPA Sound Power Level (H) Outdoor (dBA)
60/61 61/62 63/63 66/66
EECA Energy Star Compliant   Yes

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Daikin Split System Heat Pump Brochure New Zealand

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