Innovative Home Solutions

There’s a Daikin for every home.
Whether you’re heating or cooling a small or large area, building a new home or renovating, Daikin’s comprehensive range of heat pumps can provide you with the perfect solution for your home.

Innovative Home Solutions

We know that every home is different and therefore there are many factors that determine which heat pump system is best for you. To get a system tailor made to your individual needs, contact a Daikin Specialist Dealer today for a quote as well as guidance on the best option for your home.

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Split System Heat Pumps

Best for

  • Heating & cooling one area of your home
  • Compact size

Multi Split Heat Pumps

Best for

  • Heating & cooling 2-5 separate rooms
  • Houses with limited space for ducting
  • Ability to control room temperatures individually

Ducted Heat Pumps

Best for:

  • Whole Home Heating & Cooling
  • Visually Less Intrusive