Wall Mounted Unit
Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling) FTXZ25N


Standby Power Function
Power-Airflow Dual Flaps
Wide-Angle Louvres
Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down)
Horizontal Auto-Swing (left and right)
3-D Airflow
Circulation Airflow
Breeze Airflow
Comfortable Mode
Indoor Unit Quiet Operation
Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation

2-Area Intelligent EyeInfo2-Area Intelligent Eye. The 2-area intelligent eye sensor controls comfort in two ways. If the room is empty for 20 minutes, it changes the set point to start saving energy. As soon as someone enters the room, it immediately returns to the original setting. The intelligent eye also directs air flow away from people in the room to avoid cold draughts.

Automatic Operation
Auto Fan Speed
Hot Start
Air Purifying Filter
Automatic Self Cleaning Filter
Wipe Clean
Econo Mode
Powerful Operation
LCD Wireless Remote Control
Indoor Unit On/Off Switch
24-Hour On/Off Timer
Countdown Off Timer
Quick Heating Timer
Night Set Mode
Auto-Restart after Power Failure
Self-Diagnosis with Digital Display
Anti-Corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fin

Wireless LAN Connection InfoWireless LAN Connection. Wi-Fi connection lets you set and even schedule the temperature from anywhere using Android and Apple systems. So you can easily and efficiently remotely manage the unit for optimal climate when arriving home.


* Optional Accessory


Daikin US7 Controller

US7 Controller

While US7 is packed with advanced features and cutting edge technology, it is also exceptionally easy to use thanks to its user-friendly wireless remote control.

Designed with the user in mind US7’s controller puts key functions in easy reach so you can heat, cool, humidify or dehumidify with a single press of a button. It even simplifies the decision making process, with an auto button that selects the appropriate operation mode based on your room’s ambient temperature.

  • Advanced Control at your Fingertips

    Don’t let the US7 controller's clean, uncluttered front panel fool you – advanced features such as intelligent eye, warm zone and setup options can be accessed from behind a convenient flip-down panel, for even more precise control when you want it, while keeping the controller easy to use when you don’t.

  • Night Time Illumination

    A backlit display and illuminated keypad makes it easy to operate your system at night.

  • Automatic Operation

    Start your heat pump in the right mode for the ambient conditions with a single button.

  • Direct Operation Buttons

    Choose cooling, heating, drying or humidifying with a single push of a button.

  • Long Operating Range

    Control your heat pump from up to seven metres away.

  • Temperature / Humidity Controls

    Temperature and humidity controls are large and prominent, for easy control and adjustment.

  • Clean / Fresh Control

    One-touch ventilation and purification operation.

D-Mobile App - Wi-Fi Control for your Daikin Wall Mounted Heat Pump

D-Mobile puts your heat pumps frequently used functions at your fingertips with an easy to use app.

In conjunction with Daikin's BRP072A42 wireless LAN adaptor, the easy to use D-Mobile app lets you use your smartphone or tablet to operate your Daikin wall mounted heat pump unit via Wi-Fi or the internet.

Three Ways to Connect:

  • Direct Connection: For locations without a Wi-Fi network, the app can wirelessly connect directly to the wireless LAN adaptor equipped heat pump, when in range.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: A wireless LAN adaptor equipped heat pump can easily be joined to a local Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the system can be controlled from any networked Android or iOS device.
  • Internet Connection: Monitor and control your system from virtually anywhere, adjusting temperature and setting for a comfortable environment ready for when you arrive home. With no subscription costs from Daikin, all you need is a permanent internet connection for Wi-Fi network, and an internet connection for your phone or tablet.

Tech Specs: 

Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 2.5 3.5 5.0
Heat (kW) 3.6 5.0 6.3
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 0.6-3.9 0.6-5.3 0.6-5.8
Heat (kW) 0.6-7.5 0.6-9.0 0.6-9.4
Indoor Airflow Rate (Hi) Cool (I/s) 177 203 250
Heat (I/s) 195 221 240
Indoor Fan Speeds   5 steps, quiet and automatic
Energy Label/ Star Ratings Cool 7 5.5 3.5
Heat 7 5.5 4.5
Front Panel Colour   White
Power Supply   1 phase, 220-240V 50Hz
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 0.42 0.68 1.18
Heat (kW) 0.62 0.99 1.37
E.E.R./C.O.P. Cool/Heat 5.95/5.81 5.15/5.05 4.24/4.60
A.E.E.R./A.C.O.P. Cool/Heat 5.90/5.77 5.12/5.03 4.23/4.59
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 295 x 798 x 372
Outdoor (mm) 693 x 795 x 300
Weight Indoor (kg) 15
Outdoor (kg) 50
Compressor Type   Hermetically sealed swing type
Refrigerant Type   R32
Max Pipe Length (m) 10
Max Level Difference (m) 8
Pipe Sizes Liquid (mm) 6.4
Gas (mm) 9.5
Outdoor Operating Range (outdoor temp) Cool (CDB) -10 to 43
Heat (CWB) -20 to 18
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 38/19 42/19 47/23
Heat (dBA) 39/19 42/19 44/24
Outdoor Sound Level (H) Cool (dBA) 46 48 49
Heat (dBA) 46 48 50
Outdoor EPA Sound Power Level (H) Cool (dBA) 59 61 63
Heat (dBA) 59 61 64

Product Brochure: 

Daikin Split System Heat Pump Brochure New Zealand

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