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Wireless Remote Controller (Standard)

Wireless Remote Controller (Standard)

This remote controller with a backlit liquid crystal display and four luminescent control buttons for major features, also features a built-in weekly time clock that can be programmed to suit your personal lifestyle with up to four actions per day of the week. This advanced controller not only allows you to program on/off time, but also the desired temperature. Futhermore, the copy function enables any daily program to be replicated on any other day or days as required.
5 year
5 Year Warranty
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Daikin's five year parts and labout warranty applies to split, multi split or ducted heat pumps purchased and installed in homes across Australia

  • Operation-Timers

    Operation Timers

    Schedule your unit to operate automatically throughout the day or week to suit your lifestyle.

  • Outdoor Quiet Mode

    Quiet Mode

    Operation sound levels are reduced by 2-3dBA for quieter heating and cooling.

  •  Comfort-Mode

    Comfort Mode

    Airflow is optimised to stream upwards during cooling and downwards during heating.

  • Inverter Powerful Operation

    Powerful Mode

    Gives a boost in cooling or heating for 20 minutes beyond normal capacity.

  • Program Dry Function

    Program Dry Function

    Automatic intelligent airflow and temperature control to reduce room humidity.

  • Econo-Mode

    Econo Mode

    Power consumption of the system is limited to prevent tripping your circuit breaker.

Where to buy Daikin

A Daikin Specialist Dealer will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

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