Replacing Your Air Conditioner

There’s no denying that having a heat pump makes life so much more comfortable whether you’re battling the chill of the New Zealand winter or the heat of summer. Having a reliable unit in your home can ensure that you’re comfortable and dry throughout the year. However, there comes a time when your trusty old air conditioner just doesn’t perform as well as it once did. Excessive noise, costly repairs, unusually high energy costs .and uneven heating and cooling are some signs that your heat pump might be on the way out.

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Improved Efficiency

In New Zealand, space heating and cooling can make up a significant portion of the average home energy bill. This means that using an inefficient method of heating or cooling your home could be costing New Zealanders excessively.

Here at Daikin, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our products. This means that our latest air conditioning systems could be significantly more energy efficient than your old system, saving you a considerable amount on your energy bills.

The team at Daikin have calculated the approximate energy savings between older Daikin and newer Daikin units, showing that you could save up to 44% on your heating bill by upgrading to a new 4.6kW Cora system from a 1999 equivalent system.


Innovative Refrigerants

Environmentally Conscious and More Efficient

With a remarkably low global warming potential, zero ozone depletion potential and significantly better efficiency than its predecessors, Daikin’s R32 refrigerant systems have changed the air conditioning industry. Read more about Daikin’s innovative refrigerants here


Advanced Features

Depending on the selected model, you could enjoy a range of advanced features when you upgrade to a new Daikin system, including:

Program Dry

Intelligent airflow and temperature control to reduce overall humidity

Air Purification

Daikin units offer a range of advanced air filters that can remove dust, odours, mould, and even bacteria and viruses.

Comfort Airflow

Air is streamed upwards during cooling and downwards during heating for rapid and even temperature distribution

Powerful Operation

Heat or cool your room quickly by using Powerful Operation, giving your air conditioner a powerful boost for 20 minutes.

Intelligent Sensing

The unit detects human presence and directs air either towards or away from the occupants. When the room is unoccupied, the unit goes into energy saving mode. 

Quiet Operation

Some units measure only 19dBA while in quiet operation. That's so quiet, you won't even know it's on.

Inverter Technology

Daikin split systems use inverter technology to improve energy efficiency and your comfort. An inverter system works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power. It reaches the desired temperature more quickly and steadily maintains it without fluctuations, to give you uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on energy costs.

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The good news is...

You can upgrade by retrofitting into an existing R22 system by simply replacing both the indoor and outdoor units whilst retaining the field piping intact. This allows for a convenient and cost-effective way of upgrading an existing system that may be reaching the end of its useful operating life. System must be assessed for suitability.

Replacing your system is easier than you think