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New Obligations for Landlords

The healthy home standards aim to ensure that rental properties are maintained to high quality and that fewer rental homes experience issues with draughts, cold and dampness. The act outlines new standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, draught stopping, moisture ingress and drainage. Private landlords must meet the new obligations by 1 July 2021.

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What Kind of Heating Does my Home Require?

The main living room of your rented property must have a qualifying heater. The heater needs to be fixed to the premises, supply heat to the living room and have a thermostat.  A minimum capacity of 1.5kW is required. The heating capacity must be suitable for the size of the room and in accordance with the government’s official calculations.

It also can’t be an open fire, combustion heater, or if the room requires more than 2.4kW of heat, an electric heater. These regulations mean that your home is likely to be fitted with a heat pump which could also result in a reduction of heating bills for the tenants of the home.

How Will I Know if I’ve Got the Right Heater?  

One of the easiest and safest ways to ensure you get a compliant heater is to simply contact a Daikin specialist who will visit your home and provide you with a quote. Our dealers are heating specialists so you can be assured they will select and install the correct heat pump for your space.

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