Pacific Coast Retirement Village The Care Centre - Te Manaaki Tauranga

Project Information

Project Location Tauranga
Project Type A modern facility with 58 care suites over two levels, extended living spaces and other amenities.
Building Type Retirement Village, The Care Centre - Te Manaaki (3000m²)
Equipment Used - Seven x REYQ-BYM VRV Heat Recovery condensers
- Multi port branch selector boxes (BS)
- a wide variety of VRV indoors (Bulkhead - FXDQ-SPV1
- Mid and High Static Ducted - FXSQ-PAVE and FXMQ-PAVE
- Round Flow Cassette with sensing - FXFSQ-AVM
- Compact Cassette - FXZQ-AVM
- Hi-wall - FXAQ-AVM)
- Sky Air FTXC-AV1A/RXC-AV1A Hi-Wall system
- BRC1E63 Wall Mounted Controllers
- remote temperature sensors BRCS01A-5
- DEC102A51 adaptor card
- Intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) central controller
- iTM Plus Adaptor.
HVAC Specialist All Seasons Air Conditioning Limited


The unveiling of The Care Centre – Te Manaaki took place in June 2023, marking a seamless extension of Pacific Coast Retirement Village known for its luxurious design. The necessary objectives for the air conditioning system included robustness, energy efficiency, and the capability for simultaneous cooling and heating, as well as centralised control with scheduling and general monitoring functions. Outdoor units were required to have a compact footprint, strategically positioned on the roof, while indoor units were to remain discreetly concealed within communal spaces and care suits, ultimately ensuring a comfortable environment for residents.


To ensure optimal performance and simultaneous cooling and heating operation capability, the building was outfitted with REYQ-BYM VRV Heat Recovery condensers, complemented by multiport branch selector (BS) boxes and a diverse selection of VRV indoor units. This selection aimed to guarantee both comfortable airflow and aesthetic appeal in every space.

For the laundry room, a single split Sky Air FTXC-AV1A/RXC-AV1A hi-wall system was installed.

An iTM central controller, accompanied by an iTM Plus adaptor and its extension was integrated on-site further enhancing the overall efficiency and manageability of the installed systems.

The Building

Pacific Coast Retirement village is conveniently situated 20 minutes from Tauranga and offers an array of community facilities and residence options.
The newly established care centre, named Te Manaaki, is a contemporary facility spanning two levels, featuring 58 care suites. The ground floor houses premier suites characterised by heightened ceilings in the living area, large opening doors leading to the courtyard, and private patios. On the upper floor, 38 standard care suites provide comfortable accommodation. Both levels offer residents spacious lounges, dining rooms, and other communal areas, ensuring ample opportunities for enjoyment and social interaction within the vibrant community.

The Project

Following the successful completion of the Hikurangi Serviced Apartments, Daikin dealer, All Seasons Air Conditioning, continued its commitment to delivering premium air conditioning solutions by undertaking a project for the Pacific Coast Retirement Village’s new Care Centre facility, Te Manaaki.

Originally designed with nine REYQ-TAY1 VRV Heat Recovery outdoor units, the solution was optimised by transitioning to the newer REYQ-BYM range. This change not only enhanced efficiency but also reduced the number of outdoor units to seven, achieved by utilising two 24HP single module condensers. The compact design of the outdoor units facilitated easy installation within the limited plantroom space on the roof. The new 24HP condenser, utilised 7% less installation space (1.34 m2) and weighed 11% less (409 kg) compared to its predecessor.

To contribute to cost savings and minimise on-site work, the majority of the multi branch selector (BS) boxes selected were the new drainless BS boxes. These were strategically located in the ground floor corridor and attic space for easy accessibility for future service and maintenance.

Considering the diverse spaces and their unique air conditioning and aesthetic requirements, a wide range of VRV indoors were selected for the project. For example, Bulkhead FXDQ-SPV1 units seamlessly integrated into the drop ceiling at the care suites entrances with their slim 200mm height profile.

Mid to high static ducted FXMQ-PAVE units were strategically placed in the ceiling spaces of lounges and corridor areas, complemented by remote temperature sensors BRCS01A-5 for accurate return temperature readings. A round flow cassette with sensing FXFSQ-AVM provided comfort in the lunchroom with its extensive range of airflow patterns and individual airflow direction control for each air discharge outlet. The compact cassette FXZQ-AVM integrated seamlessly in the standard architectural ceiling tile of the ground floor office with its elegant fully flat panel design. Additionally, hi-wall FXAQ-AVM unit was utilised in the small meeting room on the same level. A separate commercial hi-wall system was needed for the laundry room, the FTXC-AV1 system accommodated a piping length of up to 75m between the indoor and outdoor unit.

The DEC102 adaptor card was incorporated to integrate ventilation systems and establish a fire interlock.

To enhance resident convenience and comfort, BRC1E63 wall mounted controllers were selected for the care suites. These controllers, equipped with a built-in temperature sensor and user-friendly functions, provided residents with control over temperature, mode changes, airflow rates, scheduling, and an off timer.


The Care Centre – Te Manaaki, serves as a great illustration of the effective integration of the latest Daikin VRV product into a retirement village project, meeting all the customer’s specifications. The precise installation by All Seasons Air Conditioning was carried out in close collaboration with the builder and other on-site contractors, ensuring a timely project delivery. The facility welcomed its residents in the third quarter of 2023.

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