Control solutions to suit your needs

Daikin offers a range of proprietary and open protocol control systems to compliment your climate control system, giving building managers the ability to control multiple fan coils, zones or buildings from a single interface.




Daikin’s individual control systems are unobtrusive and easy to use, putting superior comfort at your fingertips. Available in wireless or wired variants.

Key Features:
s - Intuitive button layout
- Simple
- Clear LCD interfaces
- Wired controllers are powered by the indoor unit



Daikin Stylish Controller is a wired simplified controller with BLE, combining design and technology to maximise user comfort while optimising energy efficiency.

Key Features:
s - Compact dimension measuring 85mm(H) x 85mm(W) x 25mm(D)
- Connectable to VRV and SkyAir systems (P1, P2)
- Built-in temperature sensor and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2 or higher)



Daikin Airbase is a Wi-Fi controller that puts your system’s frequently used functions at your fingertips with an easy to use app.

Key Features:
s - Compatible with SkyAir & VRV indoor units
- Key operations such as on/off temperature etc.
- Compatible with Daikin Zone Controller


Reiri for OFFICE

A simple office building solutionwith a secured, cloud-enabled platform, allowing greater ease ofcontrol and comfort while beingenergy efficient.

Key Features:
s - Energy & IEQ Management
- Scalability & User Friendly App Interface
- Mobile Control of Air Conditioning Units
- Automatic Control


iTouch Manager

Centralised Controller

Intelligent Touch Manager gives you ultimate control over your entire air-conditioning network from an easy to use, programmable touch screen interface.

Key Features:
s - Operation history shows manner of control and origin in past operations of air conditioning units.
- Floor plan display enables a quick search of desired air conditioning units.
- Handy area settings simplify detailed management of VRV.




Integrated communication interfaces that allow Daikin systems to take advantage of the advanced functionality of an open control system.

Key Features:
s - Direct connections enables future expandability
- Range of control and monitoring abilities
- Alarm recognition



Touch Zone Controller

Airhub Touch Zone Controller with its contemporary design, intuitive controls and innovative features gives you the flexibility to control the temperature of individual rooms and deliver ultimate comfort to where it is needed in your home.

Key Features:
s - Both On/Off Linear Control options available in either a 4 or 8 zone design.



VAF Zoning System

The Airzone VAF Zoning System is a variable airflow zoning system compatible with Daikin’s range of residential and commercial range of ducted indoor units. It offers superior comfort by providing individual temperature control in each zone and improved energy savings via its intelligent fan speed control.

Key Features:
s - Individual Temperature Control


Reiri for Home

Reiri for Home is the complete smart home solution with seamless integration capabilities, allowing users to control and monitor all smart home devices conveniently from just a single mobile app. 

Key Features:
s - Convenience & Lifestyle
- Home Security Solution


Reiri for Home

Lite Version

The best smart air-conditioner controller for homeowners to achieve maximum comfort and energy savings.

Key Features:
s - User-friendly App Interface
- Complete Control of all air-conditioners

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