Vantage Building Tauranga

Project Information

Project Type Four levels of residential apartments, One level of commercial space
Building Type Premium Multi-Use Building with two levels of basement carpark
Equipment Used - Residential Apartments - REYQ-TAY1 VRV R Heat Recovery condensers+ FXFSQ-AVM 4-way round flow cassettes/ FXSQ-PAVE mid-static ducted indoor units + multiport branch selector (BS) boxes; RXYQ-AYM VRV H Heat Pump condensers+ FXMQ-MFV1 Outdoor Air Processing units
- BRC1E63 wall mounted controllers. iTM central controller with Power Proportional Distribution (PPD) function Commercial Spaces - REYQ-TAY1 VRV R Heat Recovery condensers + FXFSQ-AVM 4-way round flow cassettes and FXMQ-PAVE high static ducted units + multiport branch selector (BS) boxes
- BRC1E63 wall mounted controllers
HVAC Specialist All Seasons Air Conditioning Limited


The ‘Vantage’ building apartments required air conditioning units to maintain a sleek open kitchen/living room space. With the floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings, there was also a need for controlled outdoor air supply. Each apartment required its own individual power bill, which included the cost of air conditioning based on usage.

As for the commercial tenancies, they consisted of both base build and fitted-out spaces. The air conditioning system need to be adaptable to accommodate different future layouts. Another project challenge was the limited space available for the mechanical equipment due to the request of avoiding balconies, roof, and parking lot spaces for installation of the condensers.


Daikin VRV systems were selected to provide a comprehensive solution for the buildings air conditioning needs and at the same time achieve maximum utilisation of the installation space.

Each floor of residential apartments has been equipped with:

• Single VRV R Heat Recovery (REYQ-TAY1) condenser paired with either a cassette (FXFSQ-AVM) or mid-static ducted (FXSQ-PAVE) indoor units, multiport BS box and BRC1E63 ‘Nav Ease’ wall mounted controllers.

• Single VRV H Heat Pump (RXYQ-AYM) condenser with Outdoor Air Processing unit (FXMQ-MFV1) for tempered outdoor air supply.

The commercial tenancy spaces have been equipped with three VRV R Heat Recovery (REYQ-TAY1) condensers, multiport BS boxes, cassette (FXFSQ-AVM), high static ducted units (FXMQ-PAVE) and BRC1E63 wall mounted controllers.

In addition, an ITM central controller with an activated Power Proportional Distribution (PPD) function has been installed. This feature allows for efficient energy monitoring and accurate billing for both the apartments and tenancies.

The Building

Vantage is a premium new mixed-use development located in the heart of Tauranga city. Boasting two levels of underground parking, a ground floor with four commercial tenancies and a charming café, as well as four levels of luxurious residential apartments (including 27 apartments and five penthouses), this exceptional property offers breathtaking water and city views.

The Project

Daikin dealer, All Seasons Air Conditioning, was approached to carry out a design and construct project, providing a premium air conditioning solution for the multi-use Vantage building development.

Residential Apartments
VRV R Heat Recovery system comprises of a single outdoor unit with vertical discharge, branch selector box and multiple indoor units allowing for flexibility with simultaneous cooling and heating operations. To accommodate the aesthetics requirements and tight ceiling spaces, round flow cassette indoor units with sensing (FXFSQ-AVM) were selected for the living rooms of lower floors apartments.

The ease of installation and maintenance, along with individually adjustable airflow direction for each air discharge outlet, ensures optimal air distribution throughout the room. Moreover, the different airflow patterns contribute to the overall cooling and warming effect, creating a comfortable environment.

For a discreet, sleek look, FXSQ-PAVE ducted slim mid static units were used for the penthouses leaving visible only supply diffusers and return air grille. To provide tempered outdoor air to each apartment and make the most of the limited plantroom space, VRV H Heat Pump condenser with one Outdoor Air-Processing Unit (FXMQ-MFV1) was chosen as preferred solution.

Each apartment floor has been given its own enclosed plantroom space for the installation of VRV R, VRV H, and FXMQ-MFV1 units. Equipped with louvres for air intake and discharge, these plantrooms maintain a separate airflow system, preventing any mixing with the intake air. To achieve this, All Seasons Air Conditioning placed aluminium cowls on top of the condensers, ensuring the discharge air is directed outside.

Commercial Spaces
VRV R Heat Recovery units were installed for the commercial tenancy spaces with condensers placed on the side of the building near the basement carpark. To accommodate future tenancy fit outs and provide flexibility for air conditioning design, FXMQ-PAVE high static ducted indoor units were chosen for open spaces.

Control Solutions
Intelligent Touch Manager (iTM), Daikin’s advanced central controller was installed in the main switch board. iTM allows efficient control over all the air conditioning systems in the building. Additionally, the Power Proportional Distribution (PPD) function enables monitoring of power consumption for each indoor unit to assist with calculating electricity bills for every apartment or tenancy.

BRC1E63 wall mounted controllers were chosen to be installed in the apartments living rooms/tenancies for convenience and comfort. These controllers come equipped with a built-in temperature sensor and a range of user-friendly functions from setting the perfect temperature and airflow rate to creating a weekly schedule and utilising the off timer.


All Seasons Air Conditioning’s collaboration with Daikin’s latest product resulted in a successful design and construct solution for this commercial tenancy and luxury apartment development, meeting all the customer’s specific requirements. Close collaboration with the builder and other contractors on site ensured the seamless and timely delivery of this project.

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