Air Cooled Chillers

Daikin air cooled chillers have been the choice for system designers who are focused on simplicity and low cost. A system based on air-cooled chiller usually is less expensive to install and easier to maintain then other types, such as water-cooled systems. Daikin makes a complete line of air-cooled chillers with a variety of compressor types, to match both your application and budget. Sizes range from 35 kW to 2000 kW. Large air-cooled chillers provide an economical means to produce chilled water without the requirement for a cooling tower, avoiding additional system complexity and maintenance.



R32 Refrigerant Inverter Scroll Chiller / Heat Pump

This highly efficient and versatile system is capable of meeting both comfort cooling and process cooling requirements with utmost precision and reliability.

Best For:
- Small to medium-sized buildings



R32 Refrigerant Scroll Chiller

The new generation of Daikin Air-cooled scroll chillers equipped with R-32 refrigerant.



R32 Refrigerant Scroll Heat Pump

Daikin heat pump EWYT-B– offers a new opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of heating & cooling systems. It is a product specifically designed to heat up a wide range of spaces, satisfying heating & cooling demand from 80 to 670 kW, meaning it can satisfy the needs a wide variety of applications

Best For:
- A wide variety if applications, from residential buildings to hotels, offices and industrial processes.



R1234ze/R513a/R134a Refrigerant Inverter Screw Chiller

Equipped with Daikin's latest compressor and innovative fan design, they ensure enhanced efficiency while occupying less space.

Best For:
- Offering superior performance across a wider capacity range.



R134a Refrigerant Inverter Screw Multipurpose 4 Pipe Heat Pump Chiller

Best solution for independent and simultaneous cooling and heating all year round.

Best For:
- Big multipurpose buildings, hotels, and hospitals.



R134a Air Cooled Magnetic Centrifugal Chiller

Capacities 312-1549kW

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