EWW(D)(H)(S)-J (Chiller / Heat Pump - Screw Compressors)

Refrigerant R134A/R513A/R1234ze

The EWW(D)(H)(S)-J Chiller / Heat Pump - Screw Compressor range features compact design, maximum efficiency and superior control logic, offering flexible solutions for a wide range of comfort and process applications.

Water to water screw heat pump, standard efficiency, standard sound


Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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Compact Design

Compact design to allow easy indoor installation or retrofit operations.

Single Screw Stepless Compressor

Daikin semi-hermetic single screw stepless compressor

Energy Efficiency

High energy efficiency both at full and part load conditions

Chilled Water Temperatures

Chilled water temperatures down to -10°C on standard unit

Superior Control Logic

Upgrade to new MicroTech IV controller. MicroTech IV controller that provides an easy to use control environment. The control logic is designed to provide highest efficiency performances and continuous operation.

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