Outdoor Air Processing Unit (FXMQ-A)

Refrigerant R410A

Our outdoor air processing units are able to pre-condition the outside air to deliver a variable discharge air temperature by controlling the room air temperature to suit your needs. The outdoor air processing unit can be operated as a single Heat Pump system or combined as part of a standard VRV Heat Pump or Heat Recovery solution.

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Technical Specifications / Documents

(BIM) Engineering Data Links Capacity Air Flow (IU) Max ESP Dimensions (IU) Weight
Indoor Unit TC HC SC H W D (kg)
(kW) (kW) (kW) (mm) (mm) (mm) IU
FXMQ80AFVM 9.0 - 8.1 192 200 300 700 700 29
FXMQ100AFVM - - - - - - - - -
FXMQ140AFVM 16.0 - 14.0 342 200 300 1000 700 37
FXMQ200AFVM 22.4 - 22.4 483 200 300 1000 700 47
FXMQ250AFVM 28.0 - 28.0 600 200 300 1400 700 48

Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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Slim and Compact Design

Only 300 mm in height and 700 mm in depth, the new casing comes with smaller footprint and with 59% reduction** in unit size. **Reduction in size compared to conventional FXMQ200/250MF series.

Additional New Small Capacity Model

The new 9 kW capacity model is the perfect fit for smaller business such as small/medium-sized shops and convenience stores.

Adjustable External Static Pressure

Using a DC fan motor, the external static pressure can be controlled within a range of 50 Pa to 200 Pa.

Built-in Drain Pump

Provides lift of up to 700mm. Powered directly from the indoor unit PCB.

High Efficiency Filter Option (MERV8/MERV14)

The filter options of MERV8 and MERV14 are available. *The high efficiency filter can help remove infectious aerosol in the air. *Filter chamber is required.

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