HXEV-TT (Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller)

Refrigerant R-134a

Magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller has been designed with oil free system, resulting in eliminating oil contamination in the refrigerant and heat transfer surfaces to provide outstanding operating efficiency without any performance penalty compared to conventional oil-system chiller.

Our magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller also integrates VFD technology. It allows the compressor to unload smoothly from maximum to minimum load for superior part-load performance in comfort cooling applications. 


Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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Superior Performance

The design of the magnetic bearing drive system does not need lubrication. This makes the chiller more reliable than oil or refrigerant lubricated ones.

Stable and Reliable

High accurate sensors installed on compressor are utilized to keep detecting shaft position on a high frequency basis.

Low Noise

The chiller sound pressure level is as low as 77.5 dB(A), creating a quiet environment. No mechanical noise makes the chiller become the quietest chiller.

Compact Design

The compact size of the chiller makes it available for replacement, retrofit and energy upgrade projects. In addition, the smaller footprint saves the chiller plant room space.

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