UAA-MV(3)(8) (Chiller - Inverter Screw Compressors)

Refrigerant R134A/R513A

Air-cooled water chiller/heat pump units are the central air conditioning units with air as the cold (hot) source, and water as the heat transfer medium. The units need no additional equipment room, cooling tower, cooling pump, or cooling pipe and can be mounted on the building roof and outdoors. The heat pump units can provide heat as a hot water boiler. This series of units are applicable to various environments, such as hospitals, hotels, factories, and office buildings.


Technical Specifications / Documents

(BIM) Engineering Data Links Dimensions (IU) Weight
Outdoor Unit H W D (kg)
(mm) (mm) (mm) OU
UAA145MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 4430 4170
UAA185MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 4985 4690
UAA215MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 4985 4935
UAA240MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 5535 5225
UAA275MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 6640 5870
UAA315MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 7745 5910
UAA335MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 7745 6550
UAA365MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 8850 7080
UAA395MV3-FAAE 2530 2260 9955 7430

Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The advanced efficient single-screw compressor is adopted. The compressor can perform stepless adjustment within the range of 25% to 100% workload. Compared to traditional compressors, this compressor has wider adjustment range and higher efficiency.

Advanced Design

Brand new high efficiency shell-and-tube evaporator, significantly improve the heat exchange efficiency and greatly reduce the refrigerant charge.

Accurate Control and Reliable Operation

An advanced electrical expansion valve enables the units to control the refrigerant flow accurately, adapt to various working conditions, and perform multiple control functions.

Low Operation Sound and Vibration

Through meshing between metal and non-metal, it eliminates the high frequency noise. And with fewer moving parts and rotor load balance, it decreases vibrations. With a shock absorber noise and vibrations are lowered further.

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