UHAS (High Temperature Heat Pump - Inverter Scroll Compressors)

The use of hot water in residential, commercial and industrial segments is widely varied, applications such as space heating, domestic hot water, industrial processing, food processing, etc. request different hot water temperature between 40°C and 90°C. In the background of carbon neutral, fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal boilers) are progressively phased out or limited, and traditional heating systems, such as electricity boilers are energy-wasting and have high overhead cost.

Daikin UHAS inverter high temperature air to water heat pump is an ideal solution to offer hot water up to 90°C with high efficiency and no direct carbon emission.

Technical Specifications / Documents

(BIM) Engineering Data Links Initial 15C Heating to Final 80C (Circulating Heating) 65C EWT / 75 CLWT Power Supply Sound Level
Outdoor Unit Heating Capacity Total Power Input COP Water Production Water Flow Hot Water Generator Outdoor Unit
kW kW - L/h L/h dB(A) dB(A)
UHAS100CME 32 9.5 3.37 424 2.75 380-415V/3N /50Hz/60Hz 50 40-64
UHAS200CME 62 18.7 3.32 821 5.33 380-415V/3N /50Hz/60Hz 52 44-67

Technical Specifications / Documents

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Modular Design for Flexible Application

In case of a high demand for hot water, the UHAS can be modular combined in a system with one master unit and maximum 15 slave units by an intelligent wired controller to achieve a maximum capacity of 992kW.

EVI Compressor

The EVI high pressure chamber scroll compressor adopts the two-stage throttling intermediate air injection technology and exchanges heat with an economizer to achieve the purpose of vapor injection.

Automatic Management for Energy Saving

The unit can be set to heat the hot water in a timed manner, with water temperature and level automatically set.

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