Under Ceiling (FXHQ-M/B)

Refrigerant R410A

The FXHQ-MAVE series are single flow under ceiling units suited for installation in elongated spaces. Designed with a slim-line body, the FXHQ-MAVE series minimises it impact on your room's decor while providing quiet, wide angle airflow via its Quiet Stream Fan technology.

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Technical Specifications / Documents

(BIM) Engineering Data Links Capacity Air Flow (IU) Dimensions (IU) Weight
Indoor Unit TC HC SC H W D (kg)
(kW) (kW) (kW) (mm) (mm) (mm) IU
FXHQ32MAVE 3.6 2.9 4.0 200 195 960 680 24
FXHQ50MAVE 5.6 4.2 6.3 250 195 1160 680 28
FXHQ63MAVE 7.1 5.2 8.0 291 195 1160 680 28
FXHQ80MAVE 9.0 6.5 10.0 391 195 1160 680 33
FXHQ100MAVE 11.2 8.0 12.5 416 195 1400 680 33
FXHQ125BVM 14.1 10.2 16.0 567 235 1590 680 41
FXHQ140BVM 15.5 11.2 17.0 600 235 1590 680 41

Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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Auto swing (up and down) and louvers (left and right by hand) bring comfort to the room. Switchable fan speed: 2-steps airflow rate control for FXHQ-MAVE models. Louver manually adjusts for straight or wide angle airflow.

Flexible Installation

The units fits more snugly into tight spaces. Drain pump kit (option) can be easily incorporated. Drain pipe connection can be done inside the unit. Refrigerant and drain pipe outlets are at the same opening. All wiring and internal servicing can be done from under the unit. The rear side removable frame allows ease of access for piping work.

Design Flexibility

125/140 Models provide greater capacity for larger spaces. The technology of the DC fan motor, wide sirocco fan, and large heat exchanger combine for greater airflow and quiet operation. Sophisticated design: Flap neatly closes when not in use. Suitable for high ceilings: maximum 4.3 m. Drain pump kit (option) includes a silver ion antibacterial agent that assists in preventing the growth of slime, bacteria, and mould that cause smells and clogging.

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