Daikin also offers energy reclaim ventilator systems; our VAM-HVE series are compact, energy efficient and can operate under a wide outdoor operating temperature range (-15 to 50°C). These units provide high enthalpy efficiency due to the greatly enhanced performance of the thin film element. Furthermore, ESP* of up to 235Pa offers greater design flexibility to your air conditioning solution. Other features include Night Purge Operation (night time free-cooling), interlocked operation with VRV Cassette presence sensor and optional CO2, indoor & outdoor humidity sensors for optimal operation.

By incorporating heat reclaim ventilators into your air conditioning design, heat loads can be reduced and your plan size can be better optimised.

*Max ESP varies from 130 Pa to 235 Pa depending on the model class

VAM-HVE Flyer here

Technical Specifications / Documents

(BIM) Engineering Data Links Description Air Flow (IU) Max ESP Dimensions (IU) Weight
Indoor Unit H W D (kg)
(mm) (mm) (mm) IU
VAM150HVE 41L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 42 106 278 551 810 22
VAM250HVE 69L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 70 54 278 551 810 22
VAM350HVE 97L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 100 141 306 800 879 31
VAM500HVE 138L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 140 66 338 832 973 41
VAM650HVE 180L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 180 53 338 832 973 43
VAM800HVE 222L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 220 92 387 1012 1110 63
VAM1000HVE 277L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 280 110 387 1012 1110 63
VAM1500HVE 416L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 420 73 785 1012 1110 138
VAM2000HVE 555L/s Heat Reclaim Ventilator 560 58 785 1012 1110 138

Note: VAM Units can be also used as a combination with the VRV System.

Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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High Efficiency Paper (HEP) Element

VAM-HVE uses an air to air cross flow structure, passing indoor & outdoor air through a HEP element for total heat exchnage (sensible and latent heat). The HEP element has mould proof design and produced from non-flammable material.

Ventilation Modes

(1) Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) Mode (2) Bypass Mode (3) Automatic Mode

Energy Saving

Air conditioner and ventilation system can be interlocked to provide even greater comfort and energy saving. The system can be interlocked with Daikin air conditioners to provide energy saving ventilation solution for various situation.

Airflow Rate Control with CO2 Sensor

The CO2 sensor controls airflow rate so that it best matches the changes of CO2 level in the room. This prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality with optional CO2 sensor.

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