VRV-IV Q Heat Pump Series (RQYQ-T)

Refrigerant R410A

Daikin's VRV-IV Q delivers quick, quality and economical replacement.

A replacement VRV unit, can be installed using existing refrigerant piping, so renovation of the air conditioning system can be carried out quickly and smoothly. This minimises inconveniences to activities and users in the building.

Technical Specifications

System N/A
Capacities N/A
Indoor Type Outdoor Unit
Power Supply N/A
Refrigerant R410A
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Key Features & Technology

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VRT Smart Control

Designed for our VRV and Sky Air systems, Variable Refrigerant Temperature continuously adjusts both the inverter compressor speed and refrigerant temperature in cooling and heating, allowing our systems to meet the building load with the highest levels of seasonal efficiency at all times.

Energy Saving

Daikin’s VRV H series raised the standard of energy efficiency. Greater energy savings during low-load operation.

Reliable and Stable Technology

High reliability at high ambient temperature. Only Daikin has adapted an ODM with the feature of stable rotation and volumetric efficiency. Ease of maintenance.

High external static pressure

VRV H series outdoor unit has been achieved high external static pressure up to 78.4 Pa.

Nighttime quiet operation function

The nighttime quiet operation function automatically suppresses the nighttime operating sound by reducing operation capacity to maintain the quiet environment of the neighborhood. Three selectable modes are available depending on the required level.

Long Piping Length

The long piping length provides more design flexibility, which can match even large-sized buildings.

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