Zone Button Controller

Optional with Premium Inverter Ducted and Inverter Ducted models.

Control 4 to 8 different zones per controller

Zone Button Controller here

Technical Specifications / Documents

Controller Description Dimensions (IU)
(mm) (mm) (mm)
BRC230Z4B Up to four zones (230-240v) 120 170 24
BRC230Z8B Up to eight zones (230-240v) 120 170 24
BRC24Z4B Up to four zones (24v) 120 170 24
BBRC28ZB Up to eight zones (24v) 120 170 24
BRCSZC1 Slave Zone Controller 120 170 24

Controller Features

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Backlit Display

Clear large, easy to read text with an intuitive interface.

Multiple Zone Control

Control up to 8 zones, each zone can be turned on or off depending on your requirements.

Countdown On/Off Timer

Quick and easy means to set up the operations of your unit

7 Day Time Clock

Program on and off times, including when to open/close zones and the temperature sensor to use.

Automatic Mode Changeover

Allows the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling for year round comfort.

Filter Cleaning Reminder

Automatic notification when filter cleaning may be required

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