ZUWV (Chiller - Inverter Screw Compressor)

The unique single screw compressor design is utilized in ZUWV model, providing an exceptional efficient, reliable and sustainable chiller.


Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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Compressor Technology

ZUWV single screw compressor, which is positive displacement compressor, compresses refrigerant volume to increase pressure level.

Variable Volume Ratio Technology

ZUWV model has combined the latest distinct VVR (variable volume ratio) technology to offer premium chiller efficiency. This helps ZUWV make a great difference on chiller part load efficiency as most of chillers operating time runs at part load in real condition.

VFD Technology

VFD technology is capable of reducing energy cost sharply during long time part load operating or low lift condition. Combined with VVR technology, ZUWV is able to deliver superior IPLV value as well as match the required cooling capacity at the best efficiency.

Smart Control

ZUWV has been designed with MicroTech III as microprocessor for programmable logic control. It runs as the chiller "brain" to keep controlling, monitoring and protecting the whole chiller all the time.

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