R32 Refrigerant

Environmentally Conscious Refrigerant


R-32 is a game-changing next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has a significantly lower environmental impact than its predecessors.

Air conditioners transfer heat by circulating refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units of the system. Historically, many refrigerants used in the air conditioning industry have had damaging effects on the environment, such as ozone depletion and global warming. As the only manufacturer and developer of both refrigerants and air conditioners, Daikin recognised the urgent need to develop and promote better refrigerants with a lower impact on the environment. Using its unique expertise, it became the world's first air conditioning manufacturer to adopt its own R-32 refrigerant in its split systems with the release of the innovative US7 in 2012.

Reduce Electricity Consumption by up to 10%

Zero Ozone Depletion potential

Remarkable low Global Warming potential


Sharing Patents to Promote Environmental Protection

The difficulty of handling R-32 meant that Daikin possessed 93 patents related to the use of R-32 in air conditioning technology. In order to accelerate the worldwide phase-out of environmentally harmful R-22, Daikin has offered free worldwide access to these patents since 2015, gaining awards and recognition from both the U.S. and Japanese governments for protection of the environment.

Daikin Awards

“Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in Japan” for the FIVE STAR ZEAS Series.

“Minister’s Prize, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry” for “Promotion of energy conservation through worldwide expansion of high-efficiency HFC32 air conditioners”.

Recognized by the U.S. government as a company contributing to the protection of the environment.

“Minister of the Environment’s 2016 Commendation for Global Warming Prevention Activity” for “Reduction of greenhouse gases by promotion of HFC32 air conditioners”.

Powered by Renewable Energy

Powered by 80% energy extracted from the air and 20% electricity, our air-by-air heap pumps heat and cool your home with A+++ energy efficiency, the highest possible energy efficiency available on the market.

Daikin adopted the refrigerant R410-A as a move away from traditional R-22 refrigerant, which is known to be damaging to the environment. Not only does R-410A have zero ozone depletion potential, but it's also more efficient than R-22, meaning that your air conditioning unit can operate  more cost- effectively.

Many R-22 units are still in operation today, but due to their ozone depleting potential they are still being phased out as mandated in the Montreal Protocol 1989. If you are concerned that you may be running an outdated refrigerant, speak to a Daikin dealer who can advise you how to upgrade to an efficient R-32 or R-410A unit.

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