HomeFit Partner

Daikin are proud to be a HomeFit partner. HomeFit is a no-nonsense, straightforward way to check if a home is warm, safe and dry, and it works in two easy ways:

1) through a HomeFit online check; and
2) an in-home HomeFit assessment to really uncover what needs to be done

The free HomeFit online check will walk you through your home and help you take stock of essential features that make a home warm, dry, and more efficient. It's quick and easy enough to do as you stroll through an open home, helping show whether it'll be a nice healthy, comfortable place to live - and what you can do to fix it if it isn't. 

If the home needs improvements, you can find a list of installers who can help. For a more comprehensive and independent check of your home there are dozens of trained professionals who can conduct an official HomeFit assessment and certification. By passing this quick verification, your home will get a HomeFit stamp, so you can be sure it's fit for your family or tenants.

A HomeFit certificate can be used to market a home for sale and for landlords also shows the property meets the Healthy Homes Standards for rental housing. All rental properties need to meet the standards by July 2025 so, if you are in any doubt, contact an assessor and have it checked.