Installing a heat pump system

Here are some important questions to consider before embarking on having your new Daikin heat pump system installed.

Q1: What type of home do you have?
If you live in an apartment with a small balcony or share walls with other apartments, this may dictate where you locate your system. And if you’re installing within a few metres of your neighbour’s windows or doors, you should check whether your system is quiet enough to meet the local council noise regulations. You’ll also probably need body corporate approval before you go ahead. 

If you’re in a freestanding home, it’s worth remembering that installing your heat pump shouldn’t reduce the fire resistance level of any wall or affect your home’s structural integrity. There are many other factors which can affect the installation of your new heat pump system which can place restrictions on where and how your heat pump system can be installed. To avoid any wasted costs, we highly recommend arranging a Daikin Specialist Dealer to come to your home and carefully assess your property. They will be able to advise on the best location to install your unit both inside and outside.

Q2: Which rooms or spaces do you want air-conditioned?
The answer is simple. It’s wherever you want to enjoy warmth or cooling the most.

If, for example, you choose a Split System heat pump unit that heats and cools just one or two rooms in your home, think about which ones you’d like them to be. Perhaps it’s your bedroom, for those cold, chilly nights. Or your home office, where you’ll be working during the cold winter days. Or potentially you’d like to control the air in the baby’s room.

Remember hot air rises and cool air sinks to the bottom of each room, so having your heat pump installed in the right position will help to ensure air circulates more evenly.

You should also consider whether your home layout will stay the same long term, as you don’t want to divide a room into two down the track and find that the second room is no longer serviced by the heat pump you originally installed.

If you want a fully integrated Ducted heat pump, you’ll enjoy discreet air-conditioned comfort throughout your entire home, installed so you hardly even know it’s there.

Q3: What’s the best location for the outdoor unit?
Ideally, your outdoor unit should be mounted where there’s plenty of free space on either side to allow airflow and easy access for maintenance.

If you’ve chosen a split system or a multi-split system, the outdoor unit should be installed on a firm base – attached to a wall, or on a concrete slab. For maximum efficiency, it should also be located within approximately 15 metres of an indoor air outlet.

A Daikin Specialist Dealer can explain in detail how the location of your outdoor unit will affect efficiency, noise levels, and performance.

Q4: Should you install heat pump yourself or choose an expert?
Unless your system is portable, your heat pump system should only be installed by a licensed professional installer. Licensed installers carry an ARCtick of approval, which means they are qualified to safely handle refrigerant gases.

Daikin Specialist Dealers are highly experienced, certified installers who can advise on everything you need to know and show you how everything works. You’ll also have peace of mind that when you install with a Daikin Specialist Dealer you’ll receive a high quality installation that is complimented by Daikin’s 5-year Manufacturer’s product warranty.

Read on for our easy Daikin Installation Process.

Three easy steps to the Daikin Installation Process

Step 1: Before installation - Request a Quote from a Daikin Specialist Dealer
At Daikin, we know that every home is different and that is why before you buy, we offer you the services of one of our professional Daikin Specialist Dealers who’ll visit your home and carefully assess every factor that could affect your indoor temperature. This includes room size, layout and orientation, how many people are likely to be there, type of roofing insulation, number of stories and any glassed areas. In other words, everything necessary to enjoy the perfect heat pump solution for your needs.

As well as assessing your indoor surroundings, our Daikin Specialist Dealer will also look at what’s outside your home, review the ideal location for your outdoor unit. Last, but not least, they’ll talk you through the installation process and leave you with a detailed written quote, ensuring that you receive a quality solution that operates effectively and efficiently for your home.

Step 2: During installation - Sit back and relax
Once you’re satisfied with your quote, your Daikin Specialist Dealer will arrange an installation time that works for you. Once installed, they’ll thoroughly test your heat pump, checking that everything meets the relevant New Zealand standards, that the piping and refrigerant charge is correct and airflow is properly balanced. Finally, they’ll clean up and remove any waste materials, leaving your home beautifully clean, tidy and comfortable.

Step 3: After installation – The “Best Air” is ion your home
After your Daikin Specialist Dealer has installed your new heat pump, they’ll show you all the ins and outs. They’ll explain how easy it is to operate and leave you with a detailed operation manual for future reference. You’ll be able to call on us anytime if you have any questions. You’ll also receive our comprehensive 5-Year Parts and Labour Warranty and have access to an established service department for technical queries, spare parts and accessories. This means you’ll have prompt, helpful support whenever you need us.

At Daikin, our easy installation process means that you can enjoy the perfect oasis of cool and warmth you’ve always wanted, knowing that we’re beside you every step of the way. To find a Daikin Specialist Dealer near you, click here

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