Secrets to a Warm Dry Home This Winter

Have an older or less insulated house?

Struggling with condensation and mould indoors?

Feeling cold and damp at home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then a recent Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) study may be able to shed some light on the problem.

The study finds that ‘heating rooms to a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius reduces risk of high moisture levels in many homes, suggesting many homes are underheated or too cold’.

Could installing a heat pump be the answer to all your damp home woes? Well, it could be a great start, with a few caveats:

18 Is the magic number.

The study stresses the importance of heating your home above 18 degrees.

Homes not heated to this minimum level still showed some risk for high humidity levels, while nearly all the homes in the experiment heated above this level almost eliminated high humidity conditions. The takeaway: Set your thermostat to 18 degrees or above.

Not all rooms were created equal

Not all kinds of rooms studied showed the same risk of high humidity. Bedrooms and bathrooms were significantly damper than family rooms and kitchens, so it’s important to pay special attention to these areas. Make sure you install a heat pump near or inside bedrooms and extractor fans in your bathrooms. Open a window before taking a hot shower to minimise condensation build up.

A holistic approach is best

Using your heat pump can be a great way to make your home healthier, but it’s important not to forget to air out your home daily, eradicate visible mould and think twice about activities such as boiling large pots of water or drying clothes inside. You can also make use of the handy program dry and dehumidifying functions on Daikin’s heat pumps. If you have a large home, a ducted system may be a great way to easily and efficiently heat your entire home keeping you warm, dry and healthy all winter long.

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Source: Pollard, A. (2018) Could Damp Homes be Too Cold/Undeheated? BRANZ Study Report SR389. Judgeford, New Zealand: BRANZ Ltd.

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