Split System Features to Make Life Better

Choosing a Split System heat pump is a bit like choosing a new car. You can have the base model that does things well, or can you include a few extra bells and whistles to make life even better.

As heat pump technology improves, so does the array of features you can choose from. Most Split Systems these days come with a wireless remote control and air purifying filters as standard.

Then there are ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ features that sense when people are present and work automatically to maintain comfortable temperatures and save power.

Other features are convenient, like automatic self-cleaning, while some systems include special features designed to minimise noise or maximise air purity.

Some features are ‘nice to haves’ and others will genuinely enhance your heating and cooling experience, saving you time and energy, while improving the quality of your air.

Here’s a brief guide to our top ten Split System features to help you decide which ones are best for you.

1. Intelligent power savers

If you feel like you’re being watched, you possibly are! In some Daikin Split System heat pumps, an infrared sensor called ‘Intelligent Eye’ detects movement in a room in order to enhance your comfort level as well as saving you power.

When the room is empty for 20 minutes, Intelligent Eye changes the heat pump setting to ‘energy saving operations’ to help reduce your power bills. When someone re-enters the room, it immediately returns to the original setting and can also direct airflow away from people for draft-free comfort.

Other features on Daikin Split System heat pumps help boost performance, which also saves power. For example, our patented Swing Compressor design ensures your system operates smoothly and quietly, with less vibration and greater efficiency. Our Reluctance DC Motor can also increase efficiency by 20% over conventional systems, which in turn helps you use less energy.

As New Zealand’s trusted experts, power-saving features on Daikin heat pumps are often best in class – and none more so than our Daikin US7 Split System. It’s currently regarded as the most energy-efficient Split System heat pump in New Zealand* with a 7-star super efficiency rating.

* 2.5kw model, as at 22/10/14 - visit www.energyrating.gov.au for details.

2. Climate control from your smartphone

Imagine going for a run and while you’re away, programming your home to be cool as a cucumber when you arrive back.

Or being out on a cold winter’s night and wanting to be as snug as a bug when you walk in the door.

Now you can do it from your phone or device.

Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, you can control your Daikin Split System heat pump via an easy-to-use app** on your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. Think of the possibilities of as you return from vacation, or if the weather unexpectedly changes during the day and you want to control the climate within your home quickly and easily, from the palm of your hand.

** Download free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

3. Clean air purifiers

As more Kiwis suffer from asthma and air-borne allergies than ever before, one of your must-have heat pump features today is a clean air filter. It reassures everyone in your family that they’re breathing the purest air possible, which is especially desirable if you’re sensitive to air quality, have elderly relatives or small children.

Many Daikin heat pumps feature an advanced clean air purifier. For example, our Zena Split System model boasts a sophisticated air purification filter which traps even microscopic airborne dust particles and assists to decompose odours, absorb and deactivate bacteria. It even has a deodorising function which leaves your home feeling fresh and clean.

Our Daikin US7 Split system also features innovative two-stage filtration. The outdoor unit removes toxic carbon monoxide, exhaust gasses and unpleasant odours via its thermal catalyst. The indoor unit then takes over and removes mould and other allergens.

Daikin Split Systems receive approval from the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ. Recognised by their Sensitive Choice® program to help identify products suitable for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, all our Split Systems carry the Blue Butterfly symbol.

4. Night Set mode

Your home should be a sanctuary of peace and comfort. The last thing you want after a tiring day is to wake up during the night because the room is too cold or hot.

Daikin Split System heat pumps feature Night Set mode, which when operating in heating or cooling will gently raise or reduce the room temperature during the night, so that everyone stays comfortable.

Whether it’s the middle of a cold winter, or a warm summer, Night Set mode means you’ll all enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

5. Automatic Self Cleaning

This convenient feature is a star of the Daikin US7 Split System heat pump. Its internal brush automatically removes dust from the air filter. This not only helps to maintain a stable air-flow it reduces power consumption – as a heat pump needs to use more energy if filters are blocked or dirty. The dust is then collected in a convenient container that’s simple to empty.

If you like top performance and easy maintenance from your heat pump, automatic self-cleaning is an important feature to consider.

6. Humidity controls

Aside from heating, cooling or a fresh breeze from the fan, you may want a little extra from your heat pump. If you live in a cold, dry environment, you probably want a touch of humidity in the air to make life more comfortable. Or equally if you’re in the tropics, dehumidifying the air will make a big difference.

Daikin’s US7 Split System can both dehumidify and humidify indoor air. The secret is its outdoor unit, which effortlessly draws or withdraws moisture from the outdoors and transfers it to your living spaces.

Other Daikin Split Systems feature a Program Dry Function that reduces humidity by automatically controlling the temperature and the rate of airflow and can cleverly switch into cooling mode if the temperature rises beyond your desired level.

7. Economical features

If your home’s electrical circuit is congested, a Daikin Split System can reduce power consumption in Econo Mode. By limiting the maximum amount of power used by your heat pump, it lightens the load on your electrical system, especially when your household is using multiple appliances at the same time.

Another economical Daikin feature is Standby Power Function. When your heat pump is off, it shuts off power to the outdoor unit and sets the indoor unit to standby mode, saving money on power that isn’t being used.

8. Timer

A convenient feature to have on your heat pump is an automatic timer. Simply decide when you want the system turned on or off and the timer works its magic, even when you’re not there. You’ll come home to a delightfully warm or cool home that you ordered in advance.

Choose from a 24-hour or weekly timer that lets you schedule four different settings for each day of the week – choose the on and off times as well as the temperatures.

9. Coanda Airflow Technology

Our Daikin US7 and Cora^ Split Systems both feature advanced air circulation technology which creates what’s known as the Coanda effect. By streaming air upwards along the ceiling, specially designed louvres create a circular air motion that rapidly cools the room. This ensures a consistent temperature which maximises comfort and minimises operating costs.

^ 20-71 Class only.

10. Manufacturer’s warranty 

One of the most important features you should look for in your Split System heat pump is a comprehensive warranty from a quality manufacturer.

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