What is a Heat Pump Anyway?

A heat pump is an energy-saving technology that conveys heat without the need to generate heat. There is heat in the air even in places that are generally considered cold: for example, the North and South poles. However, because the amount of heat is small, these places feel cold. When the amount of heat energy is large, the temperature is high. When the amount of heat is small, the temperature is low.

A heat pump controls temperature by transferring the heat energy from the air outside into your home. Because heating is performed by heat transfer, it uses much less electricity than a traditional electric heater which generates heat from electricity. This makes heat pumps the most energy efficient way to heat your home with electricity. In the summertime, a heat pump can also reverse the heat transfer cycle, transferring heat energy from inside your home to the outside, keeping you cool and comfortable inside. 

Modern heat pumps come with a host of convenient features to ensure that not only are you efficiently heating your home but you're also enjoying an optimally comfortable environment. Daikin heat pumps also help to control humidity, purify the air and offer mobile control so you can enjoy your air just the way you like it. The best part is our experienced Daikin specialists will visit your home and help you to select the perfect model for your space, so you don't need to worry about the guesswork of choosing the correct size and model. 

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