100th Anniversary

100 Years of perfecting the Air

Daikin's 100 Years

In 2024, Daikin celebrates its 100th anniversary. As an air conditioning specialist, we have marked a full century of innovations in air. The air conditioning technologies we have cultivated in Japan, a country with a diverse climate and four distinct seasons, have equipped us to provide comfort in regions throughout the world, contributing to advancements in culture and lifestyle through a variety of initiatives.

Daikin Opens the
Door to Air's
Unlimited Possibilities

With faith in our conviction that air has unlimited possibilities, Daikin has spent over 100 years engaged in research and development to address various issues related to air throughout the world. This conviction will serve as our compass as we shape the future of air over the next 100 years.

For the Next 100 Years

Daikin Will Strive to
Create Comfortable Environments

The environments that Daikin creates bring happiness to people worldwide.
Based on our legacy of air conditioning technologies, Daikin creates the optimum air for each environment.
And those are the environments we will strive to provide as we enter our next century.
Our goal is to continue achieving our mission of “Perfecting the Air” for the next 100 years.

Daikin Seeks Greater Potential in Air

What is needed to realize the ideal air for each environment?
Comfortable air is comprised of four elements: Temperature, Humidity, Cleanliness, and Airflow. Along with these four key elements,
we will continue to add factors such as air pressure, carbon dioxide, sound, light, and smell, to give new value to air.
Air with this new value provides benefits to environments unlike any experienced before.

The Ideal Air by Daikin

What can the ideal air do? It can boost performance in exercise.
It can help people focus on work and study more effectively. It can make food taste better and make people smile.
Daikin’s vision of air with new value can enhance people’s lifestyles and activities.

Perfecting the Air
Around the World

By delivering air with new value to people in all kinds of environments throughout the world,
we will update the very concept of air itself. In doing so, we aim to enhance not only people's lifestyles and activities, but also society as a whole.
As specialists in air conditioning, Daikin will share its Perfecting the Air concept globally to contribute to solving global issues including carbon neutrality, and help to realize sustainability for the Earth.