Slim-Line Ducted (FBA Series)

Available in Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
Capacities 5.0kW, 5.8kW, 7.1kW, 10.0kW
Refrigerant R32

Designed specifically to suit installations where ceiling space is at a premium, our Slim-Line Ducted series has unparalleled flexibility and freedom of design.

Ideal for narrow ceiling spaces or under the floor, this ducted system meets the challenges of modern commercial and medium density apartment development.


Daikin's 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to split, multi-split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across New Zealand.

Technical Specifications

System Reverse Cycle
Capacities N/A
Indoor Type Ducted
Power Supply 1 Phase: 220-240V, 50Hz, 3 Phase: 380-415V, 50Hz
Refrigerant R32
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Key Features & Technology

It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.

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Slim-Line Indoor

Industry leading low profile design of 245mm height ensures clearance in most narrow roof spaces.

Automatic Airflow Adjustment

Allows the fan speed to adjust automatically to suit your duct design for optimum airflow distribution.

Design Flexibility

DC fan with an static pressure of 150Pa and up to 75m (100 Class) of available pipe run to suit your design layout.

Flexible Return Air

Option of a rear or bottom suction return allows for greater installation flexibility

R22 Retrofit Capability

Provides a cost effective and convenient upgrade from an existing R22 ducted system whilst retaining the field piping.

Built-in condensate pump

DC Condensate pump is equipped as standard with a 850mm lift.

Controller Features

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Backlit Display

Clear large, easy to read text with a intuitive interface.

Weekly Schedule Timer

Program on and off times to suit your lifestyle.

Home Leave Function

Automatically turns your air conditioner on when the room temperatures drops below 10°C.

Quick Cool/Heat Mode

Temporarily increase air conditioning power to rapidly reach your desired set point temperature.

Temperature Limit

Predefine a temperature range for cooling or heating cycles for reduced energy consumption.

Off Timer Feature

Automatically turns you air conditioner off after operating for a predefined time (30-180 mins).

Countdown On/Off Timer

Quick and easy means to set up the operations of your unit.

Filter Cleaning Reminder

Automatic notification when filter cleaning may be required.

Multiple Zone Control

Control up to 8 zones, each zone can be turned on or off depending on your requirements. (Required Zone Controller)


15mm Heat Exchanger Pipe

By adopting the use of 5mm heat exchanger pipe, Daikin’s slim-line ducted was able to achieve an industry leading low profile height of 245mm.

2Built-in Drain Pump

Condensate drain pump with a lift of up to 850mm is built into the unit without sacrifice to the unit’s slim form factor.

3Automatic Airflow Adjustment

Coupled with DC fan motor and smart control logic, fan speed can be automatically adjusted to suit your duct design for simplified commissioning.

4DC Fan Motor

By utilising high power permanent magnets instead of induced magnetism of conventional AC motors, Daikin’s DC motor can deliver significantly higher motor efficiency.

Where to buy Daikin?

A Daikin Specialist Dealer will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

*All appointed Daikin specialist dealers are independently owned and operated businesses

Why Choose Daikin?

Specialists in Heat Pumps

As specialists, heat pumps are all we do. We take pride in designing products that provide clean, efficient, and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play.

Specialist Dealer Network

Daikin is available through our Specialist Dealer network, who will assess, plan and install the right heat pump solution for your home.

Quality After Sales Support

Our comprehensive range of services from our dedicated after sales support team will ensure the long term durability and keep your Daikin running smoothly for many years to come.

Sensitive Choice® Approved

Daikin's split system heat pumps are approved by the Sensitive Choice® NZ program, and are one of the only split systems that carry the blue butterfly symbol.