Air Purifier Blows Viruses and Flu Away

Air Purifier blows viruses and flu away
Lab testing finds Daikin product 99.9% effective against air borne nasties

New testing has found a Daikin air purifier used widely in homes, workplaces and schools is 99.9% effective at removing certain air borne viruses including the common flu and the human coronavirus which is one of the viruses that causes the common cold.

The laboratory testing, which is also being undertaken on other Daikin appliances that use the same filtration process, provides valuable information about how triggers for respiratory illness, asthma, and allergies can be significantly reduced.

Daikin General Manager, Richard Creagh says indoor air quality is a key concern for Kiwis due to the ongoing impact of winter colds and flus and heightened awareness due to the pandemic.

“People spend roughly 90% of their time indoors so creating a healthy and safe indoor environment is essential for helping to protect against airborne nasties.

“We conducted this testing to give people peace of mind that air purifiers can help to effectively reduce triggers and transmission of certain respiratory viruses.”

Swiss multi-national testing and certification company, SGS, confirmed these findings based on its independent testing of Daikin’s Streamer Technology filtration process used in its MC55YPVM Air Purifier.

Rather than the viruses being tested on a gauze panel, the H1N1 (Influenza A virus/common flu) and HCoV-229E (Human Coronavirus / common cold) was released into a 10 cubic metre chamber to replicate a real indoor environment. In both tests the H1N1 and HCoV-229e virus were removed by 99.9% within 30 minutes.

The Streamer Technology helps to remove bacteria, mold, airborne particles, allergens, dust, and pollen from indoor areas using a high-performance electrostatic filter that traps the virus. A high-powered plasma discharge then generates electrons to decompose / eliminate harmful substances.

Richard Creagh says Streamer Technology is used inside many of the company’s other units which are also currently undergoing individual testing.

“We are anticipating the same positive outcome for the follow up testing and it will provide additional information that will help us understand how to more effectively reduce triggers for people with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory illnesses.”

Asthma Foundation data indicates 1 in 7 Kiwi children have asthma (1 in 8 adults) and 700,000 New Zealanders suffer from respiratory diseases.

“When there is limited or no air circulation and ventilation there are a range of pollutants and allergens which contribute to poor indoor air quality.

“The results of our ongoing testing provides positive and beneficial information that can be used to help communities to improve indoor air quality and ultimately support better health outcomes for Kiwis,” says Richard Creagh.

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