What on Earth Does Redecorating Have to Do with Climate Control?

When decorating your home, you want to get every detail just right. Perhaps you’ve repainted your living space or reupholstered your furniture. You’ve spent countless hours browsing Pinterest and the inspiration is flowing. Your home is looking fresh and clean… until you cast your eyes upon your ancient and unsightly old air conditioning unit! Luckily, here at Daikin good design is one of our strengths and we take pride in designing beautiful units that blend seamlessly into your living space. This time, we’ve outdone ourselves- we are proud to present the stunning new Zena Vogue, a heat pump so beautifully simple it becomes part of your décor.

Zena Vogue is offered in two stunning finishes (the luminous white hairline and the classic blackwood) to suit any interior.
Zena Vogue Finishes
The unit is also incredibly compact- at just 185mm deep it’s one of the smallest on the market. But looks aside, don’t be fooled into thinking this unit doesn’t pack quite a punch! With 5-star energy ratings on the 25 class, it’s nothing less than the same Daikin efficiency we are known for, keeping running costs down. What’s more, the innovation doesn’t just end with its good looks.

A grid eye sensor scans the room in 64 squares and in conjunction with comfort airflow the room is evenly heated or cooled without draughts. For allergy and asthma sufferers, we included one of our best built-in air purifiers yet- the flash streamer. A high-speed beam of electrons destroys allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses making the air safe to breathe. Best of all, each unit comes with built-in Wi-Fi control, so you can control your home’s climate from just about anywhere- be it on the way home from work or from the comfort of your bed (after a peaceful night’s sleep using Zena Vogue’s Quiet Operation!). The Zena Vogue is the ultimate accessory for your home- it really is simply perfect climate control.

You can learn more about Zena Vogue here

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