Case Study 4: The City Center

Challenging Energy Savings in High-Rise Buildings with Limited Space

Designed in 2008 with a full-glass facade, this stylish 42-storey municipal office building lacked floor space for installing air cooled condensers. The initial design called for a chiller system, but learning of Daikin’s space-saving designs and energy efficiency systems the owner approached us for a consultation. We recommended a water cooled VRV system using cooling towers with outdoor units housed inside the building. After many rounds of meetings, proposals, and further improvements, the owner became convinced Daikin offered the optimum solution to his needs.

Issues and Preconditions

  • Desire to increase project value with energy savings through introduction of new technology
  • Insufficient space to install air cooled condenser

Daikin Solution

  • Monitoring and optimization of all air conditioners for every floor and room
  • Efficient use of space with installation of outdoor units in the rear of the elevator shafts

Daikin Products and Services

  • All VRV equipment controlled by Intelligent Manager III
  • 560 water and air cooled VRV outdoor units
  • Every type of indoor unit for total of 1,279 units
  • Open cooling towers with plate heat exchangers
  • Inverter controlled condenser pumps

Daikin Advantages

1. Intelligent Manager System

Adoption of Intelligent Manager III enabled integrated management of the VRV system and simplified planning, implementation, and verification of energy savings and power conservation.

2. Ability to Control HVAC Equipment for Every Floor and Room

Installing outdoor units to every floor and providing individual operation of each indoor unit enabled flexible operation for each tenant.

3. Flexibility in Positioning Outdoor Units on Every Floor

Daikin installed the outdoor units in the rear of the elevator shafts and effectively used the narrow spaces by vertical alignment.

4. Commitment and Support by Daikin

Knowing Daikin Indonesia would provide full support and commitment for onsite supervision, design approval, installer training, water quality certification, and accessory approval to ensure proper system operation gave the owner confidence to choose Daikin.

Building Information

The City Center

Application Office Building
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Year of Completion 2012